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What are Addons and Scripts?

Through the use of scripts and addons the looks and behaviour of web sites or the browser itself can be changed ("augmented browsing"). In order to run these user-generated scripts (Javascript), browsers require extensions (see below).

Browser Extensions

Browser requirements

Most browsers require an extension to run user scripts.

  • For Google Chrome, we recommend Tampermonkey
  • Firefox has Greasemonkey
  • Safari has Greasekit (which requires SIMBL).
  • Some userscripts will run in Opera without any extension.
  • Internet Explorer has had extensions for user scripts in the past, but none of these seem to be currently available.

Unfortunately, since each of these are implemented a little differently, it's impossible to guarantee that every script will work on every browser.

Memrise Learning Hacks​

Memrise Design Hacks​ and User Styles

Changes the default Memrise fonts and size/style presentation on These will need the Stylish add-on for either Firefox or Chrome to be installed.

Memrise Media Blocker​

[discussion thread; thanks to eunoia ]



  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
  • Block Audio: Control-Shift-x

Unblock Audio: Control-Shift-z

Other User Scripts

This list may be incomplete. You can find additional user scripts at (The original site went down, & until search is reimplemented, you could use Google's "site:" search.)


Other Software