Points or Not Points - Leaderboard ?

Points in Memrise are motivating. Gamification is the point... motivation, learning, is the point. Meaningless points undermines the whole project.  

There is no reason to compare yourself too much with people who came here long before you and/or have a lot more free time to spend here. Or those who create and use point generator courses 

What is to be considered as an amazing motivation is moving just a few steps up every now and then.  

Some people dislike the leaderboard in general but there is no requirement to ever have a look on it. But there are several ways for us, with the competitive child inside our souls still alive, to use it.

If you want to know how good you're worldwide, you could found the whole MEMRISE leaderboard under

of course with the categorys week, month and all time.

Source : Memrise Forum

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